Solvent Distribution

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Parts Cleaning Chemicals distributes a full line of chlorinated and fluorinated solvents nationwide. Our plants handle orders ranging from 5 gallon pails to tank truck loads. We are in a unique position to provide quality products in a prompt and efficient manner to virtually any solvent user.

Our stock of virgin and reclaimed products ensures the right grade of solvent for your application. Specifications are the highest in the industry, and we ensure quality results by supplying the correct grade of solvent for your application.

Parts Cleaning Chemicals has the expertise to answer any question regarding solvent or aqueous cleaning applications. Our representatives can provide quick solutions to process or equipment challenges and demonstrate the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) to minimize solvent loss.


  • Solvent-Based Cleaners
  • Aqueous Cleaners
  • Neutral Cleaners

The wide range of applications in today's manufacturing community requires a vast assortment of chemistries for production cleaning.  Each application carries with it a unique set of challenges.  Consideration must be given to the entire cleaning process:  Which soils are to be removed from the work?  What degree of cleanliness is required?  What are the environmental requirements?  How can we reduce the amount of waste generated?  How should we properly dispose of the waste?  Our Chemical Sales and Distribution Group understands the importance of this process.  We know we can be a valuable asset to your operation and your bottom line.

We're here to serve you.  As one of the largest distributors of cleaning chemistries in the United States, Parts Cleaning Chemicals has the strength and background you can depend on.  Our experienced Chemists know the latest cleaning technologies and are available to assist you in selecting just the right blend for your specific applications.  Whether your needs require a solvent-based cleaner, or a more environmentally friendly aqueous-based solution, put that experts at Parts Cleaning Chemicals to work for you.  Our five facilities across the country are accessible to most major manufacturing centers and are capable of servicing your facility with orders ranging in size from 5 gallon pales to full tank truckloads.